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Top Cyber Security Threats You Should Look Out For This 2019

There are many things to look forward to as we enter the new year. However, for 2019, there are also some that we should be wary of, including the new cyber security threats. If you have a business or an organization that relies on information technology, there is a reason for you to have your computer systems more secured as ever, as predictions show that cybercriminals will adopt some new innovations to breach different organizations this year.  Here are the top cyber security threats that the public may encounter in the coming months.

Cyber attacks can happen in different scale at different time. For example, an individual can easily become a victim of cyber security breach by connecting to a suspicious network while he or she is outdoors. There are useful tips in choosing a secure internet connection outside the house, and one tap on a malicious network will allow entities to access private data in a device. However, when talking about a huge company, which contains tons of classified data from its stakeholders, many levels of system security features must be employed.

Last year, major corporations suffered from cyber attacks, and it is possible that episodes of cyber hacking will continue, or even increase, in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence To Be Exploited For Sinister Motives

The previous years saw many improvements in artificial intelligence (AI), and its potential to alleviate commercial activities has been explored. Thus, several corporations are already using AI-based systems for their business operations in order to automate tasks and improve decision-making in the group. Unfortunately, the capability of an AI system might be used against the corporation that it supports.

AI systems contain tons of data of different organizations, that is why cybercriminals are probably eyeing on them this year to exploit. Specifically, the AI system can also be used to hide hackers under a veil, as they can go around the security features undetected. This AI trick is coined as evasion technique, something that company owners must be getting ready for as soon as now.

Cloud Info Is Now a Target

Many users now rely on cloud memory to store important files. This method is helpful in lessening the clutter in their devices. However, as cloud memory continues to grow and store different data every day, this may be enough to catch the attention of cybercriminals. The latter will try to access the sensitive information in the cloud, and all they need to do is to introduce some sort of misconfiguration in the cloud settings.

With the threat of cyber attack on cloud memory, people can start thinking of alternative data storage. If a person is looking for banquet venues in Orange County for a special event, he or she may want to keep any information as secret. The details about the hall’s exquisite features can be kept confidential by saving them in a hidden folder, and there is no need to involve cloud memory in this.

Corrupted Voice Assistants Can Give Away Your Top-Secret Data

It is predicted that cybercriminals will be successful in writing a malicious code that aims to control the users’ voice assistants. Doing this is not a waste of time for them, especially that tech manufacturers have given so much power to digital assistants nowadays. A malware can also control the voice assistant to do certain tasks without getting permission from the user. Voice commands could be changed, such that a phrase to open the speakers can equate to connecting to a malicious and unsecured Wi-Fi network.




Artificial Intelligence and the Society

The amount of possible responses for everything, each question which will be, will be decreased to a best response, with precise answers for minor derivations that will have one right answer. Humans will probably be expected to trust AI replies above their own ideas and rationale, thus, people will eventually quit thinking and rationale – reducing the capability to think of novel ideas and theories or new answers to issues all together.

Among the biggest challenges from the struggle between AI and people in regards to innovation and individual intelligence – believe this; Ultimately Artificial Intelligence will be conducting our society and culture with the most expedient and effective approaches and procedures like purchasing.

Humans will probably be expected to adhere to these new norms the AI systems have generated just as they’re regarded as the best approaches for the maximum optimal advantage.

Those people that are involved with the programming and portion of AI at the start will keep their skills to solve problems and think of unique original notions by working with AI as a group, combining the very best of AI and individual awareness and thought.

AI will fine tune itself and people won’t be asked to think in any way. AI will find out the very best that human brains must offer and know that advice, so, not needing additional human input.

So is ‘ignorance bliss’ – difficult to say but we could find out as a species if this forward development of technologies and innovative individual notion continues on the present course. This is not science fiction – it is what we’ve already put into motion. Artificial Intelligence is not bad or good, but you can argue it is mostly excellent.